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Spring Newsletter 2023

Spring Newsletter 2023

Apr 25th 2023

Happy Spring From the Gamut Music Workshop— 

Greetings from Northern Minnesota. 

This winter has been one for the record books. With so much snow, and ice, and rain, and wind, and cold, there has been little else to do up north other than stay busy and warm in the string workshop. 

This past year has had me dealing with ongoing health issues, resulting in less time for me in the instrument workshop, which is a great regret. And, unfortunately, it looks like there are more doctor and treatment appointments in my near future. 

Luckily, Jake and Adam have been taking on more of the office and order responsibilities, clearing some bookkeeping, office work, and other paperwork off of my plate, which is of great help. The string workshop was without a full-time polisher for a short period of time, but now that Tom has joined the workshop along with Katie, Cindy, and Garth, Gamut string production is at full speed once again. 

And it is with great pleasure that we announce our Spring Sale, Friday, April 28 – Monday, May 8, and the return of sheep gut strings to the store. The supply chain issues we encountered last year have mostly gone away, so I am confident that going forward we will be able to offer sheep gut strings to you on a consistent basis. 

I hope this newsletter finds you well, and as spring progresses you have a chance to enjoy the nicer weather. 

Kind regards, 

Dan Larson and the Gamut Music workshop