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This is a standard length (48", 120cm) treble gut string made with beef serosa available with either a natural or varnish finish.

Natural strings are hand-rubbed with a light oil. Varnished strings have three coats of finish before being hand polished with the oil. There is an additional charge for varnished strings. The string comes with plain, unknotted ends. This treble gut is in the natural color, or colored red for harp “C” strings, and black for harp “F” strings.

Beef serosa has a higher tensile strength than does sheep gut, so this string is useful for instruments that require extra durability. If your instrument has a longer string length which puts it beyond the comfortable range for sheep gut strings, the beef gut would be a good choice for string selection as it will stand the strain a little better. Beef gut is processed to be a little harder than other kinds of gut, and it also has a lower twist of about 15 degrees to increase the strength.

Treble gut strings are best used for:

  • Violin: e-1, a-2
  • Viola: a-1
  • Bass Viol: d-1
  • Tenor Viol: g-1
  • Treble Viol: d-1
  • Lute: g-1, d-2, a-3, and octaves on bass courses
  • Harp: Treble strings

Academie strings are manufactured in the USA by Gamut Music, Inc., a leader in the revival of early music strings and instruments. Gut strings are not intended to be used with fine tuners or string adjusters and those devices should be removed before installing the gut string on the instrument.

More information about Gamut gut strings, string types, gauges, and string tensions can be found on our articles page. Not finding an answer to your question? Please contact us directly:

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  • Posted by Paul L. on Apr 14th 2017


    Good for longer scaled lutes

    I would recommend this string for the upper strings on instruments that have longer scale lengths (see tension chart here at Gamut). A little more tensile strength is seems than the standard chantarelles.