Baroque Guitars

  • Sellas Model Baroque Guitar

    Sellas Model Baroque Guitar

    This model of baroque guitar is based on an instrument made by Metto Sellas in Venice. The head of the original instrument has a label plate in which the year 1638 is given, presumably as the year of production. It is a large instrument with a string...

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  • Spanish Baroque Guitar

    Spanish Baroque Guitar

    It is most unfortunate that there is no original guitar that exists from the Golden Era of the Baroque guitar in Spain for us to copy. Consequently, to reproduce this style of instrument we have to collect basic construction details from guitar-like...

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  • Prelude Baroque guitar

    Prelude Baroque guitar

    The Prelude guitar is an addition to the Gamut Music line of affordable instruments, that also includes the Recercar six course lute, Fantasia eight course lute and Saraband eleven course Baroque lute. All of these instruments are made with the same...

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