Leatherwood Rosin for Cello / Bass Viol

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The Leatherwood rosins are discussed in terms of five criteria that are important for players:

  • Grip - The strength of "stickiness" at the beginning of the note
  • Traction - The power of the "stickiness" for sustained bowing
  • Lyrical Quality - How well the rosin performs for singing quality, particularly in higher registers.
  • Powder Content - How much powder resin is included
  • Pliability - How soft and malleable the rosin is in your hand

The formulations range from Hard/Crisp - 20% to Soft/Sticky - 60%. The best range for gut strings is in the 40% to 50% range, and to give players the best experience, we include two formulations in each package; one 40% cake and one 50% cake. Using the above criteria, these two formulations are different in the following ways:

  • Grip - The 50% formula has slightly better grip than the 40%, which is somewhat harder.
  • Traction - The 40% formula has slightly better traction than the 50%.
  • Lyrical Quality - The 40% formula has a slightly better lyrical quality than the 50%.
  • Powder Content - The 40% and 50% have about the same powder content.
  • Pliability - The 50% formula has more pliability than the 40% formula.

You can achieve the perfect bowing properties by mixing the two formulas on your bow.

Australian violinist Andrew Baker has created the perfect blends of rosin for all gut strings. His company, Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin, provides a wide range of rosin formulations including their "Baroque Range" of rosins for Baroque violin / treble viol, Baroque viola/tenor viol/viola d’ amore, and Baroque cello/bass viol. With these products, gut string players finally have a source of rosins that really work for them.

Specially formulated for gut strings, the gentle but clean attack and smoother traction allows the string to resonate freely with maximum clarity. Baroque rosin makes a bright, clear sound with a feeling that the bow is quicker on the string and makes it easier to play fast with more clarity. The smoother traction allows the string to be played with more intensity without distortion and also reduces the "squeak" often encountered using modern rosins on gut.

Each cake of rosin is poured into an Australian native hardwood case and is wrapped in deer leather from an Australian venison farm near the Leatherwood workshop in Central New South Wales. This family run venison producer has been ethically farming red deer on rolling pastures for more than 35 years. They have a strong reputation for sustainable farming in their region, caring for both beast and land. The leather is vegetable-tanned especially for rosin products. These hides are just as soft and beautiful but have natural marks and blemishes that mean each small rosin wrap carries its unique pattern and markings.

The Leatherwood Rosin cake is 3 1/2" (9cm) long and 5/8" (15mm) wide and will provide great tone for a very long time.

1.00 (in)
1.00 (in)
4.00 (in)

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael Kimbell on Aug 30th 2020


    Leatherwood bass viol rosen

    This rosin is a vast improvement over what I had been using. My tone is now smoother and more mellow. The high strings no longer squeak.