• Instrument Strap

    Instrument Strap

    This is a strap for lutes and early guitars. It is made of 1" black cotton webbing with a slotted leather tab on one end that slips over the strap button and a leather loop at the other end for putting around the head and pegs. You can adjust the...

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  • Leather String Washers

    Leather String Washers

    These leather washers help to keep the string knot from marking an indentation on the underside of a maple baroque tailpiece, or, when used with a modern tailpiece, they help keep the string knot from pulling through the string slot. Package contains...

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  • Lute Bridge Reamers

    Lute Bridge Reamers

    Some instruments are not set up for gut strings. The holes in the bridges and pegs may be too small to accept the larger diameter gut. Small reamers are very uesful for making these holes larger. Just put the appropriate sized reamer in the hole and...

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