Gamut Gifts

  • Christmas Tree Ornament

    Christmas Tree Ornament

    Have a special gift for your tree that will become a treasured family heirloom. This is a genuine historical lute rose design modeled on a design from the Venere workshop in the late 1500s. The rosette is cut into spruce and then backed with a disc of...

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  • National Music Museum Stradivari rose National Music Museum Stradivari rose

    Framed Guitar Rose

    Renaissance and Baroque guitars, unlike lutes, have rosettes that are separate from the front wood. This means that the designs can be more complex and consist of separate layers that enhance the designs, creating a deeper and richer beauty. Gamut...

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  • Gamut Gift Bag Set

    Gamut Gift Bag Set

    Everyone enjoys a gift of music and now you can enjoy two Gamut Music recordings that feature instruments and strings from the Gamut workshop playing some of the very best music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The recording Canto y Danza features...

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  • Lute Rose Coasters

    Lute Rose Coasters

      Renaissance lute rose designs combine basic, Islamic geometrical patterns with Western aesthetics creating patterns that represent beauty, perfection and order in the universe. The Gamut lute rose coaster set recreates four motifs that...

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