Violin Strings

  • Use our string calculators to find the correct strings for your instrument. Check tensions, gauges, and play "what if" scenarios to see how changes in your instrument will effect your strings.
  • Set Equal Tension Violin Strings

    We have bundled together the most popular kinds of Equal Tension Violin strings and offer them in a standard set for ease of ordering. The set consists of: e-1 Treble Gut a-2 Treble Gut D-3 Pistoy Gut G-4 Silver Wound Gut Table of Equal...

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  • Goldbrokat Violin e-1 Steel / Loop End

    This is the famous Goldbrokat violin e-1 string that was made famous by Jascha Heifetz in his solo performances. This was the brand of e-1 string that he used in conjunction with the Tricolore gut strings to obtain his unique tone. The string is a high...

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  • Tricolore steel e-1

    Tricolore Violin e-1 Steel

    This is a single length steel violin e-1 string. The steel wire with which this string is made was purchased from the Perfection Musical String workshop who first developed the Tricolore string in the early 20th century. It has a gauge of .26mm and is...

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  • Tricolore Gut a-2

    Tricolore Violin a-2 Gut

      Gauge Light Medium Heavy a-2 gut .76mm .78mm .80mm   This is a single length, (22"), sheep gut treble string knotted at one end with a leather washer. It is available with a natural or varnish finish. Natural strings...

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  • Tricolore Violin a-2 Gut/Aluminum

    Gauge Light Medium Heavy a-2 gut/ aluminum .68mm .70mm .72mm   This is a single length violin string with a gut core and aluminum wire winding. There is a leather washer at the knot to help keep the string secure in the...

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