Leatherwood Rosin

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Australian violinist Andrew Baker has created the perfect blends of rosin for all gut strings. His company, Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin, provides a wide range of rosin formulations including their "Baroque Range" of rosins for Baroque violin/treble viol, Baroque viola/tenor viol/viola d’ amore, and Baroque cello/bass viol. With these products, gut string players finally have a source of rosins that really work for them.

Solvents and Cleaning Strings:
It is not recommended to use alcohol or other liquid solvents on gut strings, as it can cause the material to physically break down reducing the lifespan of the string (and even damage the lacquer of an instrument). Instead, the simplest most effective method is to wipe off your strings with a soft, dry cotton or microfiber cloth after playing.