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Fret Gut

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Fret gut made for tying frets onto historical instrument necks, such as lutes and viols, comes in the standard (48", 120cm) length. How many frets you will get out of each length depends on how wide the neck of your instrument is, and whether you are using double or single frets.

The usual custom for gauging frets is to have the thickest fret to be the first fret, the one nearest the nut, and then have each subsequent fret to decease by .05mm. Using this system, the first fret on a lute would be 1.00mm, the second fret .95mm, the third fret .90mm, and so on. On most lutes the thinnest size of fret that is practical is .65mm. So, depending on the number of tied frets required by your instrument, you may need to use on, two or three of the .65mm frets to complete the fretting.

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