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Copper Gimped Diapason Gut Strings

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This is an extra long (96", 240cm) Gimped gut with the Pistoy twist for extra flexibility. It is intended for those players who wish to play renaissance and early baroque performance practice and want the true gut tone. It is made with a copper wire twisted into the gut, polished smooth.

We use two different types of wire for Gimped Stringscopper and silver. The copper wire is a little lighter than silver, so the resulting strings are slightly larger in diameter than the equivalent silver gimped string; and the copper makes the string slightly brighter in tone. Silver, being a heavier material, allows the string to have more weight with less gut, making these strings thinner than the equivalent copper gimped string; and since silver is a softer metal than copper, silver gimped strings are softer and more flexible.

Gimped strings are gauged by the equivalent diameter system. This means that a given string is equal in weight to a certain gut diameter but the actual diameter of the string is smaller due to the added weight of the wire. A gimped string may be gauged at =1.50mm but the actual diameter of the string is 1.10 mm. The thinness and wire gives a bright tone.

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