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Lute Bridge Reamers

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Some instruments are not set up for gut strings. The holes in the bridges and pegs may be too small to accept the larger diameter gut. Small reamers are very useful for making these holes larger. Just put the appropriate sized reamer in the hole and rotate it clock-wise and counter-clock-wise; the reamers cut both directions.

Test the hole often to see if it is big enough for the string. You want the string to be able to pass through comfortably without too much room. Change to the next larger sized reamer if needed. This set consists of six reamers in the following sizes:

  • 0.30mm - 0.60mm
  • 0.50mm - 0.76mm
  • 0.60mm - 1.00mm
  • 0.90mm - 1.30mm
  • 1.00mm - 1.60mm
  • 1.30mm - 2.00mm

    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Masaki Nakahara on Jan 18th 2024


    Need thicker Reamer

    The product itself was good, but insufficient for diapason. I use 1.76mm gamut pistoy gut string for 8-course of Renaissance Lute. The thickest reamer couldn't make a big enough hole. These reamer work for wound strings. How about including thicker reamers instead of thinner ones?

  • Posted by Ernest Martynyuk on Oct 4th 2019


    Lute Bridge Reamers

    Excellent service and product. I highly recommend this purchase if you're upgrading to gut strings on your lute.