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Student Discounts

Student Discounts

Feb 17th 2023

Gamut Music is a small early music workshop in Duluth, Minnesota, specializing in Historically Informed Practice and modern performance practice natural gut and gut/wound music instrument strings.

We have received several messages from students recently asking if there is any way to receive a price break on strings to accommodate the financial straits that usually come with being a student. The answer is, yes, we do have a student discount program; it is just that not many folks know about it. 

Please feel free to pass on this information to any students or educators that you know.

Students, educators, and institutions are eligible for a 15% discount off our entire catalog of handmade Academie, Tricolore, and Red Diamond strings. No minimum purchases or other restrictions. (Not applicable with sales or other discounts.) Instruments, accessories, straps, peg turners, rosin, etc. are not available for discount.

To request a student/educator discount (directly, or via your institution's purchasing department):

  • Create an account in our store (with your name, email, address, etc.)
  • Send a message to: (USA: 1-888-724-8099 / Int'l: 1-218-724-8011) requesting to be put on the Student Discount list
  • Along with a photo of your student ID (or a similar method of simple verification)

You will be added to the Student Discount group in the store and, when you log into your account at, all of the prices will be presented at a 15% discount!

So the list is kept current, in September of each year we clear out all Student Discounts, but you can send a message and request an additional year of discounts.

Academie strings are manufactured in the USA by Gamut Music, Inc., a leader in the revival of early music strings and instruments. Gut strings are not intended to be used with fine tuners or string adjusters and those devices should be removed before installing the gut string on the instrument.

More information about Gamut gut strings, string types, gauges, and string tensions can be found on our articles page. Not finding an answer to your question? Please contact us directly: