Cello a-1 Lyon Gut

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Table of Cello Gauges
  Light Light+ Medium Medium+ Heavy Heavy+
a-1 Lyon 1.18mm 1.20mm 1.22mm 1.24mm 1.26mm 1.28mm


This is a single-length (48", 120cm), single twist, Lyon-style string made with beef serosa available with either a natural or varnish finish.

Plain gut strings are available with a natural or varnish finish. Natural strings are hand-rubbed with a light oil. Varnished strings have three coats of finish before being hand polished with the oil. There is an additional charge for varnished strings. The string comes with plain, unknotted ends. Knots may be tied for you, and leather washers added for an additional charge.

Instructions on how to tie a string knot are on the back of each package.

This type of gut is named after the town in France which was famous for a particular type of flexible gut string. From the 16th century these strings were recommended as being some of the best strings for basses. Our reproduction of this string is made from gut specially processed in our workshop to be soft and responsive. The gut is twisted in one direction to a high twist for the optimum combination of durability and flexibility. The Lyon should be preferred when a little extra stiffness is required under the bow or finger. This type of string is characterized by a tight and visible twist. The color tends toward opaque light to medium yellow. The Lyon-style of gut string is a high twist, single spin construction that offers a tone that is full and warm with a powerful fundamental and complex, pleasing upper partials.

Academie strings are manufactured in the USA by Gamut Music, Inc., a leader in the revival of early music strings and instruments. Gut strings are not intended to be used with fine tuners or string adjusters and those devices should be removed before installing the gut string on the instrument.

More information about Gamut gut strings, string types, gauges, and string tensions can be found on our articles page. Not finding an answer to your question? Please contact us directly: support@gamutmusic.com.

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6.00 (in)
6.00 (in)
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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael Andrew Way on Jul 20th 2021


    Outstanding string!

    I have been experimenting with gut strings on my modern cello for the last few year. I have typically settled on a steel A, as the wound gut A strings have been problematic. After a little thought and a sample from Brinton Smith from the Houston Symphony, I decided to take the plunge into unwound. I couldn't be happier!

  • Posted by Jason Calloway on Dec 12th 2020


    AMAZING unwound gut for modern playing

    As a longtime player of gut strings (typically a changing mix of Eudoxa/Oliv A-D-G, with a 37 Oliv C, or sometimes the custom-made stiff 38.5 Oliv C), I quite often tinker, mixing and matching, and using unwound A and/or D whenever practical. But because I play in a string quartet and perform a vast array of contemporary music in that group and for cello alone, unwound gut is rarely practical. A colleague in Los Angeles, however, suggested this Gamut string (and we know Gamut is of impeccable quality -- my violinist wife plays on the Heifetz Tricolore setup). I AM AMAZED! This A-string has all the best qualities of unwound gut -- that bright, pungent, penetrating, and endlessly colorful sound -- along with those traits normally lacking. Namely, this string mimics the tension under the hand of an aluminum wound gut string, as well as its response, and the break-in period has been less than a full day. It holds pitch just as well as Eudoxa and feels very robust. Thank you, Dan, for designing and building such a special, versatile string -- I can't wait to recommend this to those of my colleagues wise enough to trust in gut;)

  • Posted by Joshua tan on Mar 8th 2020


    Beautiful Sound!

    I tried out bare gut for the first time and was really surprised by how different (and beautiful) the sound was! I think my gauge was a little too light to match my other three strings (which are covered gut), so I'll try the heavy + gauge on my next order. Thank you for all the help in choosing, Gamut!

  • Posted by Adrian Chan on Dec 5th 2016


    Easily tuned and great tone from the start

    It stabilizes quickly to give a very nice rich and strong full tone with nice complexity of sound, with tinge of antique quality gut sound. Highly durable from my previous experience even without polish