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Contrabass A-3 Pistoy

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Table of Contrabass Gauges
  Light Light+ Medium Medium+ Heavy Heavy+
A-3 Pistoy 3.80mm 3.86mm 3.90mm 3.96mm 4.00mm 4.06mm


This is a single-length (80", 200cm), double twist, Pistoy-style string made with beef serosa available with either a natural or varnish finish.

Plain gut strings are available with a natural or varnish finish. Natural strings are hand-rubbed with a light oil. Varnished strings have three coats of finish before being hand polished with the oil. There is an additional charge for varnished strings. 

In order to secure the bass string in the tailpiece, Gamut Music has developed the use of a leather washer as a stop. A washer is an option you can choose if you do not want to tie a knot at the end of the string as a securing feature. Bass strings are quite thick and sometimes stiff, and tying a knot can be complex and inelegant. The leather washer is a reliable and secure solution to the problem of securing the string at the tailpiece.

The Pistoy string is a unique development of Daniel Larson at Gamut Music. It is named for the town in Italy which was famous for producing the best string for basses, being "flexible, smooth, and well twisted." Our reproduction is made of three strands of gut twisted in one direction, and then the three combined together by twisting in the other direction in rope fashion. When dry, the string is polished down to the specific gauge required by the instrument. The results are a very flexible string with a quick response and a full, round sound. The string is characterized by a noticeable twist and flexible feel.

This is not a polished catline as some think. At first glance this might look like such a thing. However, the Pistoy is fundamentally a different kind of string. It shares one trait with the catline in that the string is made with two directions of twists. This is where the similarity ends. The Pistoy has no space in the structure like the catline does, and therefore has the same density as any plain gut string. The Pistoy string is expensive to make because it takes a lot of time to sort the gut into small bundles to twist and retwist. The gain is in the flexibility. Even in thick gauges the string remains supple and responsive. The color ranges from clear white on thinner strings (1.00mm to 1.10mm) to opaque yellow on thicker strings.

Academie strings are manufactured in the USA by Gamut Music, Inc., a leader in the revival of early music strings and instruments. Gut strings are not intended to be used with fine tuners or string adjusters and those devices should be removed before installing the gut string on the instrument.

More information about Gamut gut strings, string types, gauges, and string tensions can be found on our articles page. Not finding an answer to your question? Please contact us directly:

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8.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Dirk Dickson on Nov 2nd 2021


    A bass string


  • Posted by Monte on Jun 6th 2018


    Getting close to a matching set!

    Got the A to go along with my D & G after my wrapped gut from another brand was starting to die. RIght out of the box big sound, minimal buzz, not as floppy and unlear as other plaun guts I've tried.

  • Posted by Matthew on Mar 23rd 2018


    The king of A strings

    I bought the Pistoy plain A to replace a Lenzner plain A, which wasn't bad, but the Pistoy is in another league. It's an expensive string, but it sounds fantastic on my old German bass. It retains a lot of the clarity and crispness of higher pitched Pistoys, with a massive fundamental that fills the room with bass.

  • Posted by Josh on Apr 1st 2016



    This pistoy gut a string is everything I dreamed of. I finally splurged and bought it as I got 20% off. It is a big hunk of thumpin sheep gut! Sounds absolutely amazing. I had a lenzner gut a string in before and the gamut blows it away. We actually wrote a song about this string in practice last night called the 'naughty a string'. Wildly expensive, but you get the sound you pay for.