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Four Level Sellas Guitar Rose

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This four level rose is based on the rosette in the guitar attributed to Matteo Sellas now in the National Music Museum & Center for Study of the History of Musical Instruments in Vermilion, SD.

The original rose has four levels separated by pierced walls that follow the design of the level the walls rest on and each level is made of three layers. The layers and the walls are made of both natural and crimson parchment so the design of each level is not only intricate but also accented with a bichromatic edges.

Please Note: because of the variability of wood color, the color of the wood layers on the rose that you receive may be a different shade than the wood pictured.

Because of the complexity of constructing this rose, it is available in only one size, which is 3 1/8" (7.94cm).

We refer to the level that glues against the soundboard as Layer 1, the next lower level as 2, the next level 3 and the bottom level 4. Each level is made of three layers, so you can choose the material and color for each layer in each level.

Instructions on installing a guitar rose can be found here.

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  • Posted by Ali AlHassawi on Nov 4th 2023



    Great guitar four levels Rose