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Les Larmes of Johannes Fresneau - CD

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Gamut Music is pleased to offer Edward Martin's recording of the complete canon of surviving Dutch lute music.

This is a performance of the works of Johannes Fresneau, whom Dutch Scholar Jan Burgers recently discovered. Although the iconographic sources of paintings of lutes in 17th Century Netherlands are widespread, there have been no surviving Dutch baroque lute music examples. Therefore, this music represents not only a new composer, but a new genre — Dutch baroque lute music. Both sublime and beautiful, this music is of high quality and unique. The pieces run the gamut of thoughtful preludes, danceable gigues, relaxing chaconnes, lively folk tunes, with a heart-wrenching Tombeau for good measure; basically, everything that you would want to hear on a baroque lute.

The recording is available on CD, complete with extensive liner notes from Jan Berger, the Dutch scholar who discovered Fresneau and researched his life extensively.

Les Larmes of Johannes Fresneau:

Pieces in A Major Tracks 1-8
Prelude — Allemande — Courante — Courante — Sarabande — Le Tombeau de Fresneau (f minor) — Chaconne — Gigue

Suite in d minor 9-13
Prelude — Allemande — Courante — Sarabande — Gavotte Gigue d’Angleterre)

Pieces in f minor 14-19
Prelude — Les Larmes de Fresneau — Allemande — Courante — Sarabande — Gigue

Suite in B Major 20-23
Prelude — La Complainte pour L’Adieu de Monsieur Pollcenis — Courante — Sarabande

Pieces in F Major 24-26
Allemande — La Fronde — La Moutarde Nouvelle (Le Cordon Bleu)