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Sellas Guitar Rose

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This rose is laser cut with a high-density lens so there is little or no burning on the edges and great detail. It is made of three layers with a design based on a guitar from the Matteo Sellas workshop in Venice, circa 1620.

This rose is available with either wooden or paper layers, so you can customize the layers as you wish. The original has a parchment bottom layer (layer one) with wooden layers on two and three. The wood layers give strength to the rose.

Please Note: because of the variability of wood color, the color of the wood layers on the rose that you receive may be a different shade than the wood pictured.

The paper we use is a high quality, acid-free art paper that offers strength with little reaction to humidity.

The standard diameter is 3" (7.62cm). For this rose, we can make it larger, but not smaller. You can specify a different diameter as long as it is larger than three inches.

The layers are referred to as follows:

  • Layer 1 is the bottom layer
  • Layer 2 is the middle layer
  • Layer 3 is the top layer

Instructions on installing a guitar rose can be found here.

    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Grange on Jan 23rd 2017


    rosace très très belle!

    très très belle rosace! arrivée le lendemain de ma commande, frais d'envoi très cher mais très rapide! je n'ai pas vu moins plus lent sur le site