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Treble Viol / Tenor Viol Peg Turner

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**Please Note: Gamut 3-D printed peg turners can take to three weeks to print and finish. An order with a peg turner and instrument strings will ship when the peg turner is completed.**

Peg turners are most often thought of as a solution to sticky and troublesome pegs, but they are much more than that. Even instrument pegs that are well-fitted and smoothly turning can strain the hands. Especially in a concert situation where the hands must perform perfectly, turning pegs can overtax the hand, affecting the playing facility. Additionally, the hands become more susceptible to this toil as we age, and tuning an instrument can be quite a trial. Peg turners are a way to solve this fatigue.

The Gamut 3-D printed peg turner offers extra leverage across a broader surface than the peg grip, allowing easier turning and less effort on the hand while turning. This results in more effortless playing and better tuning. Gamut Music offers various tuning tools to fit your instrument and simplify your playing life.

The dimensions (at the peg) for the Treble Viol / Tenor Viol Peg Turner are:

  • 1" (25mm) long x 0.5" (12.7mm) wide x 1" (22mm) deep

Before ordering, please check the dimensions of the slot in the turner to make sure your pegs will fit. If not, please let us know at, and we will use this information when updating our designs.

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  • Posted by Alice Robbins on Jun 29th 2023


    treble/tenor viol peg turner

    This works great. It's a bit creaky when I turn it, but not too bad.