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Tricolore Violin D-3 Gut/Silver-Wound


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Table of Tricolore Violin Gauges
  Light Medium Heavy
D-3 Gut/Silver .74mm .76mm .78mm


This is a single-length (24", 60cm) violin string with a beef gut core and tandem winding of sterling silver and aluminum wires. The gut core has been carefully seasoned and then wound with silver wire in the tradition of the Perfection Musical String Co. Silver winding was not part of the original Perfection specifications, and is a development by Daniel Larson at Gamut Music.

One update we have made to the original string design is the addition of a 3-D printed ball end on each string. Modern tailpieces are made with wider string slots than those of the early 20th century and a gut knot is no longer big enough to hold the string in place. The ball end will keep the string from pulling through the tailpiece.

The Tricolore brand, used by many famous violin soloists, was one of the most well known violin strings made in the 20th century. Now, after many decades of being unavailable, we are pleased to offer these strings again. This string was developed by Ray Neiner at the Perfection Musical String Co. Brunswick, IN, just south of Chicago. The machines we use at Gamut Music to make the strings were purchased from the Perfection company, and in addition to the machines, we also received the formulations that Perfection used to make their strings, including the Tricolore brand. We have in our archives a copy of the Perfection workshop book that specifies the gauge of gut used for the cores, the size of the wires, length of the strings, and colors of the thread used for the stockings at the top and bottom of the strings. In addition to this practical information, we also received instruction for the special curing treatment that the gut cores went through before being wound and the specific techniques used in winding the wire onto the gut core. These strings are accurate replications of the ones that filled American concert halls with sound in the 20th century.

Notably, the Tricolore strings used by violinist virtuosos and many players interested in reproducing this historical tone consisted of:

  • e-1 - Goldbrokat - 0.26mm (Medium) gauge
  • a-2 - Treble Gut - 0.78mm (Medium) gauge
  • D-3 - Lyon Gut - 1.06mm (Medium) gauge
  • G-4 - Gut/Sterling Silver - 0.80mm (Medium) gauge


Hand-made in the USA by Gamut Music, Inc., a leader in the revival of early music strings and instruments. Gut strings are not intended to be used with fine tuners or string adjusters, and those devices should be removed before installing the gut string on the instrument.

All Gamut Academie strings (pure gut and gut/metal-wound) are made with beef serosa unless they specifically say "Sheep Gut." All pure gut Tricolore violin and viola strings are made with sheep gut; gut/metal-wound Tricolore and all Red Diamond strings are made with beef serosa.

Gamut gut string gauges are approximate (≈) diameter. Meaning, that while a ≈0.60mm string is polished in the workshop to a diameter of 0.60mm, changes in ambient humidity, temperature, shipping, and storage conditions can cause to string to expand or contract slightly.

Gimped gut strings and custom gauged equal tension strings are gauged with the equivalent-gauge (=) system. This means that the gauge listed, such as =1.50mm, indicates that the string is approximately equal in weight to a plain gut string of that diameter. Of course, because the wire is much heavier than gut, the string will be much thinner than a plain gut string.

More information about Gamut gut strings, string types, gauges, and string tensions can be found on our FAQ/Articles page. Not finding an answer to your question? Please contact us directly:

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4.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
0.10 (in)

    7 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael Evans on Sep 16th 2022


    You sent me this. LOL

    I tried the bare gut D. I liked its tone. It was brighter but it didn’t respond as well as a wrapped gut. The Silver D is EXCELLENT!!! Brilliant and Responsive. Thank you for making this excellent string!

  • Posted by Michel E Samson on Mar 24th 2022


    Always a favorite

    especially these D strings are outstanding!!!

  • Posted by Lucas Velasco on Sep 5th 2021


    Best D string on the market

    Very nice, I switched from the plain gut D because it was a little thick for my liking. This string is very powerful and blends nicely on my violin with the wound G string,

  • Posted by Dita Breebaart on Nov 17th 2019


    Very nice sound


  • Posted by Susanne on Dec 14th 2018



    This string made my violin come to life. I was already using the Tricolore plain gut A and the Tricolore gut/silver G and switching to the Tricolore D from another brand gave me the overall sound I had been seeking. It brought out tones in the G that had never been there before. I added a platinum E string and that seemed to round out the set nicely. Gamut's customer service is also great. Note: this string has black winding, not as pictured.

  • Posted by Michel E Samson on Jul 9th 2018


    The best strings for both Baroque and Romantic violin playing

    After a lifetime of trying strings for my precious Guadagnini, Gobetti, and Rogeri, each for different segment of the repertoire ranging from early Baroque to music written in the 20th century, I have never encountered a more reliable and beautiful sounding string than the products from Gamut. Thank you very much for your attentive service.

  • Posted by Mark on Nov 21st 2017


    Wrapped gut D string

    My violin did not perform well with a plane gut string I tried this string in it's place and it works great on my violin with the silver G, plane gut A and the good brat E