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Courante: French Baroque Lute Duets - Interactive Books

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The music on the recording Courante is available in two interactive books. The music for Lute One is accompanied by a recording of the Lute Two parts, so you can play along with the recording. Likewise, the music for Lute Two is accompanied by a recording of the Lute One parts.

Courante is a program of French lute duets that represent the pinnacle of the High Baroque. This seldom heard repertoire is represented here by five of the most influential composers of the era and the duet parts were compiled and associated by scholars from different sources throughout Europe including Tim Crawford and Francois-Pierre Goy. In addition to the historical pieces, two modern counterparties have been written for a G major Chaconne by Charles Mouton and a Chaconne (Sarabande) by Ennemond Vieux Gaultier. The recording features a matched set of lutes by Daniel Larson with pure gut strings.


Courante - French Baroque Lute Duets:

Suite in c minor Francois by Dufault (c. 1604-1672)


Pieces in a minor by Pierre Dubut (1610-1681)

Sarabande, La Royale
Canaries, ou Gigue du Roy

Pieces in d minor and a minor by Vieux Gaultier (1575-1651) and Denis Gaultier (1602-1672)

Courante L'Imortelle VG
Courante DG
L'Adieu Courante VG
Sarabande DG
Allemande, "Tombeau de L'Enclos" DG
Canaries VG

Chaconne in G Major by Charles Mouton (1625-1710) (Counterpartie by Tyler Kaiser)

Chaconne (Sarabande) in A Major by Ennemond Vieux Gaultier (1575-1651) (Counterpartie by Tyler Kaiser)