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  • Playing On Gut Strings

    Apr 9th 2024

    Playing On Gut Strings

    Playing on natural gut strings brings about distinctions in feel, responsiveness, and overall playing experience. Gut strings are generally softer and more pliable under the fingers than synthetic str…

  • Converting String Gauge Measurements

    Apr 1st 2024

    Converting String Gauge Measurements

    Gamut strings are gauged by millimeter diameter, but there are other popular gauging systems for measuring strings. The below information can be used to easily convert other gauges: To change from mil…

  • Reorganized Lute Strings

    Mar 12th 2024

    Reorganized Lute Strings

    We have reorganized our Renaissance lute string sections by numbered courses for ease of ordering. We hope this update is easier to navigate for players and makers alike. 6-Course Renaissance Lute St…

  • What's Up With USPS?

    Mar 6th 2024

    What's Up With USPS?

    USPS 1st Class Mail is actually a misnomer — 1st Class Mail receives the lowest priority, is the slowest, least reliable and secure.We offer this service for customers where FedEx delivery is not avai…

  • Understanding Tunings: A440, A415, A392, A466

    Feb 29th 2024

    Understanding Tunings: A440, A415, A392, A466

    For music performers, understanding the difference between tunings is essential, especially if they are involved in historically informed performances or working with ensembles specializing in early m…

  • Alto Viol Strings

    Feb 15th 2024

    Alto Viol Strings

    Gamut Music has recently added Alto Viol strings to the store! We offer A-Alto Viol and C-Alto Viol strings individually, or in bundled sets featuring the most popular kinds of strings for ease o…

  • X-Bracing vs. Fan Bracing

    Feb 14th 2024

    X-Bracing vs. Fan Bracing

    TL;DR: Don't put steel strings on a classical guitar.  X-bracing and fan bracing are two common bracing patterns used in the construction of acoustic guitars, and they are associate…

  • Toxic Chemicals in Historical String-Making

    Feb 1st 2024

    Toxic Chemicals in Historical String-Making

    Historically, the process of making gut music strings involved the use of various chemicals, some of which could be extremely toxic. The preparation of gut strings required several steps to clean,…

  • Why Do Gut Strings Break?

    Jan 24th 2024

    Why Do Gut Strings Break?

    Gut music strings can have a long life if they are properly cared for and stored. But, being made from a natural material, false strings and breakage can occur. Here are some common reasons why n…

  • New Customer Support

    Jan 17th 2024

    New Customer Support

    Gamut Music will be switching to a more robust customer service platform to more accurately track and respond to inquiries (and reduce spam, scams, and phishing attempts).The email address is the same…

  • Where Did "Catgut" Come From?

    Dec 28th 2023

    Where Did "Catgut" Come From?

    In the world of musical strings, the term "catgut" is a misnomer; it does not actually involve cats.Historically, strings for musical instruments were indeed made from the intestines of various animal…

  • Expedited String Services

    Dec 14th 2023

    Expedited String Services

    We often receive inquiries about expediting orders for strings. At Gamut Music, we operate at "the speed of gut," meaning that individual orders are processed as they come in, as soon as material…