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  • New Instruments Available

    Jul 12th 2024

    New Instruments Available

    The Gamut Workshop is pleased to announce the availability of new instruments for sale. Hand-made Gamut instruments include guitars, violins, vihuelas, and Renaissance and Baroque lutes.&nbs…

  • 3-D Printed Ball Ends

    Jun 6th 2024

    3-D Printed Ball Ends

    Musical strings need to be attached to the instrument, and the traditional technique to accomplish this is a knot at the end to hold it in the tailpiece (instructions for tying a unique knot developed…

  • Where Did "Catgut" Come From?

    May 31st 2024

    Where Did "Catgut" Come From?

    In the world of musical strings, the term “catgut” is a misnomer; it does not actually involve cats. The use of animal intestines for strings dates back many, many centuries. These strings, particular…

  • Gamut Recordings & Downloads

    May 29th 2024

    Gamut Recordings & Downloads

    We have organized and listed recordings from Gamut Music and some of our friends on the FAQ/Articles page. Many are available for purchase (CD or download), and many are also available for s…

  • Violin 'e' Steel vs. Gut

    May 17th 2024

    Violin 'e' Steel vs. Gut

    The debate over steel or gut for the violin e-1 string has been ongoing for at least 150 years, with very strong and precise opinions on both sides. This consideration came into sharper focus during a…

  • Early Music Resources

    May 8th 2024

    Early Music Resources

    Our Articles/FAQ page has an extensive list of links on early music. From Renaissance to Baroque; lute to guitar; intabulation techniques to historically informed performance practice guides.Here…

  • Vihuela String Sets Now Available

    May 1st 2024

    Vihuela String Sets Now Available

    Gamut Music has recently added vihuela strings to the store!We offer vihuela strings individually, or in bundled sets featuring the most popular kinds of strings for ease of ordering. Gauges are…

  • Student/Educator Discounts

    Apr 26th 2024

    Student/Educator Discounts

    We have received several messages from students recently asking if there is any way to receive a price break on strings to accommodate the financial straits that usually come with being a student. The…

  • Estimated Order Timelines

    Apr 19th 2024

    Estimated Order Timelines

    TL;DR: With the increased demand for Gamut gut strings, ordering as much in advance as possible will be the best practice.As you may know, substantial changes in the supply chains and general economy…

  • Playing On Gut Strings

    Apr 9th 2024

    Playing On Gut Strings

    Playing on natural gut strings brings about distinctions in feel, responsiveness, and overall playing experience. Gut strings are generally softer and more pliable under the fingers than synthetic str…

  • Converting String Gauge Measurements

    Apr 1st 2024

    Converting String Gauge Measurements

    Gamut strings are gauged by millimeter diameter, but there are other popular gauging systems for measuring strings. The below information can be used to easily convert other gauges: To change from mil…

  • Reorganized Lute Strings

    Mar 12th 2024

    Reorganized Lute Strings

    We have reorganized our Renaissance lute string sections by numbered courses for ease of ordering. We hope this update is easier to navigate for players and makers alike. 6-Course Renaissance Lute St…