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  • Gamut String Options

    Oct 6th 2022

    Gamut String Options

    Gamut Music offers a few options for strings: Knotted Ends: All strings require a knot at the end to hold them onto the instrument's tailpiece. Many players like to tie their own knots, but…

  • Information Abounds

    Aug 12th 2022

    Information Abounds

    Gamut Music has an extensive collection of in depth string-specific articles providing information on string types, string gauges, the gut string manufacturing process, performance techniques, an…

  • Save on International Shipping

    Jun 22nd 2022

    Save on International Shipping

    With the continued flux and uncertainty of international shipping prices, we highly recommend checking our list of Authorized Worldwide Dealers to see if there are Gamut string retailers near you to h…

  • Gamut Music @ VdGSA

    Jun 6th 2022

    Gamut Music @ VdGSA

    This year, the Viola da Gamba Society of America will hold its 60th Conclave at Miami College in Oxford, Ohio, from July 24-31. It will feature a full week of in-person and online classes, programs fo…

  • Gamut Music @ NAMM

    Jun 2nd 2022

    Gamut Music @ NAMM

    The National Association of Music Merchandisers show will occur this year on June 3-5, 2022, and Gamut Music will be there in booth #9636. The full range of string offerings will be on display, includ…

  • Student Discounts

    Mar 8th 2022

    Student Discounts

    We have received several messages from students recently asking if there is any way to receive a price break on strings to accommodate the financial straits that usually come with being a student. The…

  • String Knots

    Feb 22nd 2022

    String Knots

    Pass the end of the string through a loop to make an overhand knot as in Figure A.Bring the end around and through the knot as in Figure B. Burn the end so the end has a mushroomed shape. Pull the s…

  • What's in a Gauge?

    Feb 11th 2022

    What's in a Gauge?

    So many strings, so many gauges. What does it mean, anyway, to use one gauge or another; what difference does it make?On strings made of one material, like plain gut strings, the only way to change th…