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  • Harp Overstock!

    Nov 15th 2023

    Harp Overstock!

    We have sorted a great selection of gut harp strings and added them to the overstock section. These strings are up to 40% off and are covered by Gamut's 30 day warranty.…

  • Care & Cleaning of Gut Strings

    Nov 8th 2023

    Care & Cleaning of Gut Strings

    Proper care and storage of gut strings is important to maintain their quality and longevity. Following these practices will ensure your strings produce the best sound and last longer.Cleaning Gut Stri…

  • What is Mensur?

    Oct 25th 2023

    What is Mensur?

    In the context of stringed musical instruments, "mensur" refers to the vibrating string length (usually expressed in centimeters). The mensur is the distance between the inside edge of the n…

  • Academie Gut/Metal-Wound Strings

    Oct 6th 2023

    Academie Gut/Metal-Wound Strings

    Gamut Music offers a unique line of wound strings for bowed and plucked instruments. The machines used to put the wire on the gut were made and used originally by the Perfection Musical String Co…

  • Approximate Diameter (≈) / Equivalent Gauge (=)

    Sep 21st 2023

    Approximate Diameter (≈) / Equivalent Gauge (=)

    Gamut gut string gauges are approximate (≈) diameter. Meaning, that while a ≈0.60mm string is polished in the workshop to a diameter of 0.60mm, changes in ambient humidity, temperature, shipping, and…

  • Soaking Gut Strings??

    Sep 5th 2023

    Soaking Gut Strings??

    The question of soaking gut strings in oil comes up occasionally, with strong opinions on both sides, so we decided to ask a neutral third party — ChatGPT:"It's generally not recommended to soak gut s…

  • Coming Soon! 3-D Printed Ball Ends

    Aug 11th 2023

    Coming Soon! 3-D Printed Ball Ends

    The string shop constantly improves processes and workflow to make strings better and more efficient. One improvement we are finally putting into production is replacing knots with ball ends.One of th…

  • String Production in Markneukirchen and in the Vogtland

    Aug 2nd 2023

    String Production in Markneukirchen and in the Vogtland

    I had heard of this book project on and off going back to at least 2013 and came upon the finished work recently:Masterpieces of German Instrument Making, Vol. 8: String Production in Markneukirchen a…

    Published by Dan Larson

  • Celebrating William Byrd (1540-1623)

    Jul 25th 2023

    Celebrating William Byrd (1540-1623)

    Music enthusiasts and historians around the world commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Byrd, one of the most influential composers of the Renaissance era. Born around 1540, Byrd was an English…

  • Silk Music Strings?

    Jun 22nd 2023

    Silk Music Strings?

    Silk is yet another option for music strings. There are references to using silk in some early Arabic literature about 'ouds, but not much in the Western tradition until the days of the British Raj. G…

    Published by Dan Larson

  • Boston Early Music Festival 2023

    May 26th 2023

    Boston Early Music Festival 2023

    We will be in attendance at the 2023 Boston Early Music Festival Exhibition at the Courtyard Marriott Boston Downtown. Make sure to stop by the Gamut Music booth to say "hello" to Jake and Garth,…

  • Spring Newsletter 2023

    Apr 25th 2023

    Spring Newsletter 2023

    Happy Spring From the Gamut Music Workshop— Greetings from Northern Minnesota. This winter has been one for the record books. With so much snow, and ice, and rain, and wind, and cold, there…